Intimate Places in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia may be a beautiful nation filled with a number of natural beauty, fascinating history, and gustful strong gamy palatable culinary pleasures. This exotic country is ideal pertaining to couples looking to get a romantic retreat on a budget.

Many Popular Charming Places in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Probably the most well-known passionate destinations in Bosnia can be Lukomir, a tiny mountain village that has been praised for its castle, strange generator, and other traditional sites. This enchanting area has lots of picturesque streams and lakes, and you will even take a horse-drawn buggy ride or have a relaxing stroll over the cobblestone pavement.

A further popular romantic location in the area is Sarajevo, which is residence to a variety of scenic panoramas and historic ancient monuments. London of the region is best looked into during the golden hour, when it is in their most beautiful.


A mystical mntain community, Lukomir is home to a plethora of famous sites and has cyan waters which could make for a superb backdrop. Many travelers enjoy spending their period here and a romantic food is the perfect approach to end evening.


The quaint minimal village of Bihac is another loving spot in the country. This is the base to find wineries, hiking tracks, and cycling opportunities. It is also house to the greatest waterfall inside the Mi Riv, which is a good way to spend period rafting or water sports.

There are a number of other charming spots in the country that you can check out. These areas will help you generate a romantic getaway that you and your partner will certainly remember for a long period to come.

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